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  • What should I bring to class? Bring a blanket or mat to sit on and remember to dress for the weather.

  • Do we wear masks? During class we maintain 12 foot spacing so that you have the option of removing your mask. You are more than welcome to continue wearing your mask. Please keep your mask on when going inside to use the facilities.

  • I'd like to save money by purchasing a membership, but I don't know my schedule next week. Can I still book one class at a time? Yes, the booking process is easier with a membership because you don't have to pay each site visit. You can still book up to 2 hours before the start of class.

  • Can I purchase a music kit to take home? Yes! You can buy a kit for $10 (cash or card).

  • Can I reschedule a class? Yes, you can reschedule up to 48 hours in advance.

  • How late is too late to sign up for class? The booking window closes 2 hours before the start of class.

  • Are you located on the Senate's End campusYes, classes are held at The Market Tea Room porch looking towards the river.

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